Why Choose Us

Design and construction can be enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding but there are potential pitfalls that must be avoided.  

PROGRAMMING :  Mr. Brennan has the ability to quickly grasp the goals and expectations of his clients and translate them into buildable forms that are beautiful, functional, efficient, and durable.  

DESIGN :  We strive to make your home an expression of your values and your inspiration.  Mr. Brennan's service oriented talent, knowledge, experience, and attention to detail will be incorporated into each phase of your project.

BUDGET:  A Preliminary Project Manual is created with the Preliminary Drawings so that a reliable construction cost estimate can be generated early in the process.   

TECHNOLOGY :  New technologies are being developed very rapidly but many do not live up to their claims.  Some of these products create more problems than they solve.  Having the experience to recognize potential real world problems is just as important as maintaining a comprehensive knowledge of the new technologies.

CONSTRUCTION :  Thoroughly coordinated and detailed construction documents and construction administration services insure that your home is constructed as intended.


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