Design Services: Historic Renovation

Historic properties are treasures that contribute to the character and identity of a community.  They are physical links that trigger memories, and make us feel connected to our roots.  They are fragile threads in the fabric of the built environment that must be addressed with specialized training, experience, and respect.

Charleston's historic districts are subject to the oversight of the Architectural Review Board, the Preservation Society, and other concerned citizens. Sensitivity to the concerns of these groups can reduce delays, and enhance the success of these project.

In addition to the other considerations inherent in responsible design, historic properties require a period of historic research in order to appreciate their context and significance.  

Preservation of historic materials and detailing is essential, and additions should be designed to complement the significant historical qualities of the property.  However, this does not preclude the use of appropriate new technologies that can greatly enhance your enjoyment of the property.  These technologies can also reduce the long term cost of operation and maintenance.